Welcome to the united & refreshed brand, Asgard Software (formerly Katana)

for Efficiency


Getting a new team member access to Asgard takes only a few minutes! A manager can email support@asgardsoftware.com with the person’’s

  • first and last name
  • department and role
  • your organization/property
  • If your organization uses assigned usernames, be sure to include that, too.

Email our Customer Support Heroes with your name and property, or click the Forgot My Password link on the Asgard login window.

When your responsibilities change or increase, ask your manager to email our Customer Support Heroes and we’ll add any new Asgard permissions you need.

If you’re looking for a specific data point or analysis of work orders, just reach out to our Customer Support Heroes to let us know what you need! If we don’t already have it in an existing report in the Asgard Desktop App, we are happy to create it for you, at no extra cost, using our powerful Analytics system.

Either your new or previous manager can email us and we’ll update your Asgard access. If you’ll be splitting your time between two or more locations, we can accommodate that, too!

Many of our new features began as suggestions from our customers. If you have an idea or request, please email us!

When a team member leaves your site, have a manager email our Customer Support Heroes with their name, department, and your site, and we’ll immediately disable their access to Asgard.

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